Saathi Samelan

Several years ago the Federation recognised the need within our Brahmin community for a service whereby single people seeking marriage partners could be introduced in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

In this busy world that we live in, most young people have concentrated their time in completing education and getting themselves set up for their adult lives. Saathi Samelan provides an environment for these young people to meet in a single place and get to know about one another, with a possibility that one such meeting could establish common interest, character and friendship. Maybe leading to a future life together.

The first of what has now become an annual event ( Samelan or Get-together ), took place in Wandsworth, South London. Subsequent venues have included Coventry, Denham, Hendon and Ilford.

The event is open to members of the Federation and there is a fee per person. Admission is by prior registration only, candidates can bring with them two guests.

For further information email

The Federation is registered with the Data Protection Agency to ensure there is no misuse of the information.

4 thoughts on “Saathi Samelan

  1. sanjay

    Hi. I have registered with this webiste and am logged in – but am having a little trouble locating the actual registration page. If you know where this page is, would you mind adding a comment underneath here with the URL pasted into the box please?

    Many thanks!

  2. sanjay


    What would be Really helpful, is if you can upgrade my account from a subscriber to a member!
    If you can make me a member, then I will complete the registration and send the money by paypal.

    Thank you!

  3. webreg

    Sanjay, log in to the website. Then select sthe ‘Subscriber Info’ link under dashboard.
    There you will find the link for Member Registration. If you belong to one of the FBAE member organisations then complete this. Once this is received access will be granted for you to register for Saathi Samelan.
    Hope you understand that some events require this additional access.

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